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Sarah The English Gardener

What do you need?

Design Ideas

Sometimes, you just need a little guidance:

Should I keep that azalea? What can I plant on this slope? Would hostas grow by my front door? What shrubs would work next to my Japanese maple?

Sometimes, you need a lot:

I just moved into a new house and there’s not a single plant growing on my
lot! What can I plant? Where do I start?

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Horticultural Solutions

How can I screen off my neighbor’s house? What tree will give me flowers
and pretty fall color? How can I camouflage the heat pump? What plants will
be deer resistant?

Garden Remedies

What is killing my roses and how can I save them? How can I keep the Japanese beetles off my grapevines without using a dangerous pesticide? What’s wrong with my soil?

How to Get Started

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